Buzzfeed is out of control! The worst part of Buzzfeed being out of control, is that you can’t tell people that they are out of control, you can’t show people “articles” like “26 White People” without in some small way helping Buzzfeed have more buzz. You can’t say, “Ugh. Look at this crappy Buzzfeed post,” without sharing it, without proliferating stupidity. Buzzfeed articles are literally viral stupidity.

I know some of you are saying, “Chuck, all you do is make stupid stuff.”

Sure, I make stupid stuff, but at least my stupid stuff takes some thought. I work hard to make such stupid shit, and I do it for free. People work at Buzzfeed. Someone got paid to “write” this “26 White People,” post. Adam Davis got paid to write this.

But in truth, the most infuriating part, the fact that someone got paid to make “26 White People,” is also the only redeeming part of Buzzfeed. It is creating jobs. I just hope that Adam Davis isn’t drinking away his salary, and that he is using his brain power, not being used at Buzzfeed, must be a ton, to write an amazing novel, or solve the mysteries of quantum physics. 

Adam Davis, I expect great things from you. Don’t look back on your life… don’t look back on your life from your death bed, and realize that getting me to write about your stupid “26 White People” post on Buzzfeed was your greatest accomplishment.

I expect more, Adam Davis. I expect more. 

This is exactly how I feel about fucking stupid Buzzfeed.